Hemp Drops 1000mg, 50ml

Hemp Drops 1000mg, 50ml

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***THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE THROUGH VETS ONLY*** Please contact us for more information.

Hemp Drops 1000mg are formulated and made in Australia, from premium Australian grown Hemp and 100% natural ingredients.

Each bottle of Hemp Drops contains the unique formulation of 1000mg full-spectrum Hemp extracted Phytocannabinoids and Terpenes, suspended in 50ml of a purified blend of Hempseed oil and MCT (derived from Coconut oil).

Recommended Dosage

One serving of hemp drops twice daily. Added to food, or direct. Hemp drops can also be used as a topical.


Dogs up to 11kg  10-15 drops

Dogs 11kg - 35kg  15-25 drops

Dogs 35kg and up   25-50 drops

1/2 pipette holds approx. 1ml. 

1ml = approx. 25 drops

For best results and your animal’s wellbeing, the hemp drops should be introduced into your pet’s diet in smaller doses and gradually increased to the recommended daily maximum amount.

Consult your vet prior to administering hemp drops if your pet is under medical treatment.


Hydrocarbon Hemp Extract, Hempseed oil, MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride).


Store hemp drops in a dark, dry, cool place, away from light. Refrigerate after opening.