Hemp Black Fusion Face Mask (Black)
Hemp Black Fusion Face Mask (Black)
Hemp Black Fusion Face Mask (Black)
Hemp Black Fusion Face Mask (Black)

Hemp Black Fusion Face Mask (Black)

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Features antimicrobial copper technology

Copper embedded fibres offer continuous product protection against bacterial growth. Unlike topically applied solutions, this durable copper technology does not wash or rub off.


HEMP BLACKTM / element infused adaptive fibres harness the power of odour neutralising hemp

Our patented process utilises seed genetics and certified growing farms in the United States to produce our hemp. Infused with advanced sustainable polymers such as recycled polyester, creating a new proprietary technology of materials. The adaptive, strategically engineered fibre derived from this process, HEMP BLACKTM / element, which delivers the inner layer of odour neutralising performance in our PPE.

Strategically engineered for protection through multilayer 3D knitting

The high-tech 3D manufacturing features lightweight construction and an optimal arrangement of fibres which enhances breathability and structure. This wrinkle free composition produces no waste during manufacturing and retains shape wear after wear.

Reusable and machine washable for 25 cycles

The HEMP BLACKTM/ element and copper technologies are embedded into the core of the fibres, providing lasting antimicrobial and odour neutralising properties that do not wash or rub off and are most effective within 25 washes.

Seamless fit for comfort

The Hemp Black fusion / FACE MASK is produced with seamless stitch shaping that contours for a custom face seal and features knit-in stretch straps for enhanced comfort.


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What is the Hemp Black fusion / FACE MASK?

Our fusion / FACE MASK is a cloth covering that is strategically engineered through 3D multilayer technology. This mask features a copper infused antimicrobial exterior and an odour neutralising HEMP BLACKTM / element interior.

What is antimicrobial copper technology?

Copper offers continuous product protection against bacterial growth when embedded into fibres.

What is HEMP BLACKTM / element?

A strategically engineered and adaptive fibre that harnesses the power of odour neutralising hemp flower extract.

Is this an N-95 respirator?

This mask is not medical grade. Surgical masks and N95 respirators are in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare workers or other medical first responders, as recommended by CDC guidance.

Does this mask prevent me from getting COVID-19?

Face coverings are not intended to protect the wearer, but it may prevent the spread of virus from the wearer to others. This would be especially important if someone is infected but does not have symptoms.

How many times can I wash and reuse this mask?

The Hemp Black fusion / FACE MASK will continue to function as a cloth mask, preventing the spread of virus, regardless of the frequency of use and wash. The antimicrobial and odour neutralising properties are strongest within the first 25 washes.

How often should I wash this mask?

The government recommends washing after use. See this PDF from Health.gov.au

Is this mask more sustainable than others?

The Hemp Black fusion / FACE MASK is knit with 3D multilayer technology that produces zero waste. Designed, engineered and 100% made in the USA, this mask is more durable and sustainable than other cloth options.


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